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How can we grow in an environment of intense worldwide competition and ever increasing costs?

Whatever you manufacture, odds are we have the glass packaging you need to take it to market. That's because BP GLASS is one of the largest suppliers of wholesale glass bottles and wholesale glass jars in the United States. Whether it's beverage, liquor, wine or food, BP GLASS has the widest range of packaging choices available. We can meet all your packaging needs. Not just in the United States, but World Wide. BP Glass provides wholesale glass containers to a world without borders.

Discover how BP Glass can assist you with your needs for wholesale glass bottles and jars.

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Deadlines aren't negotiable! How can I get my projects completed and my products to my customers when they need it?

By combining state-of-the-art logistical processes, proven and reliable shippers and a localized presence in all of our manufacturing regions around the globe, BP Glass ensures that delivery promises will be made and kept. Project managers in our China and USA offices maintain strong and trusted relationships with our manufacturing partners and provide a constant level of attention to your glass requirements.

Learn how BP Glass manages Quality Control.

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BP Glass produces high quality wholesale glass bottles and wholesale jars at a low cost to you.

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wholesale glass jar and bottle samples
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My customers are not modest about their needs, Better….Faster….Cheaper.
How can I provide them with what they want?

By providing multiple faceted resources, BP Glass assists you in all areas of business solutions including design and engineering, prototyping and tooling, primary manufacturing, custom packaging, quality assurance and logistics. This cross departmental functionality helps you complete that long list of cost reduction projects in order to keep your business growing and prospering.

Our operating budgets have been reduced and engineering team resources have been downsized. How can I provide better product support with shrinking resources?

With decades of worldwide manufacturing experience, design and manufacturing centers throughout the Asia pacific and global manufacturing expertise, BP Glass provides your company the competitive edge that your customers demand. Our experience and resources in design and manufacturing engineering helps you to improve time-to market for new products as well as create cost reduction opportunities for your current products. Low cost, high quality Pacific Rim manufacturing enables you to compete in a global economy with improved costs and sustained profitability.

BP Glass has years of experience and dedication with supplying high quality wholesale glass bottles and jars to many clients worldwide and remains dedicated to raising the bar when it comes to supplying wholesale glass bottles and wholesale jars for any type of application.

Have Questions about our manufactured glass bottles and jars? Don't hesitate to contact us today!

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*Minimum production run of 300,000 units.

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