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Question: Can BP Glass provide amber or green bottles?
Answer: BP Glass can supply green and amber bottles for the beverage industry such as: beer bottles and wine bottles.
Question: Does BP Glass offer return credit on pallets?
Answer: BP Glass does not offer any credit on returned pallets.
Question: Does BP Glass offer case packaging?
Answer: BP Glass offers a wide range of packaging options. 6 Pack, 12 Pack card board box and bulk pallet packaging. If you have a special need for packaging please contact us.
Question: We need our product stored in a secure and bonded warehouse. Can BP Glass offer us such a service?
Answer: BP Glass uses virtual warehousing through out the USA. We can transport and warehouse your glass and when needed will arrange delivery to your specified location. Please contact us for more information on our Virtual Warehousing Service.
Question: What is the return policy on broken or damaged glass?
Answer: BP Glass will refund or credit our customers on glass received damaged.
Question: Can BP Glass produce our proprietary jar or assist us in design of new bottles or jars?
Answer: BP Glass can produce your proprietary jars or bottles with confidence. We also offer complete innovative, cost effective, engineering services for designing new jars and bottles.
Question: Tooling for glass jars is very expensive. If we place orders with BP Glass on our proprietary jars or bottles, how is the cost for tooling handled by BP Glass?
 Answer: If your project is based on large volumes, BP Glass will pay all tooling and annual tooling maintenance costs. If your volume is very low we can assist in amortizing the tooling cost into your quoted price. Please contact us directly to get more details.

Question: Does BP Glass offer samples of yor products?

Answer: Yes, we do. We offer samples of all of our jars and bottles.

Question: What type of glass bottles has BP Glass manufactured before?
Answer: BP Glass has engineered and manufactured bottles and jars for many companies companies such as Litehouse, Conzorzio, Kona Coast, Mezzetta and many others.

Question: Can BP Glass make candle votive jars?
Answer: BP Glass can make candle jars and many other types of jars for almost any type of application. If you are curious about a product that you would like created please contact us for more details.


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