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Basic Power prides themselves on strong business to business relationships. The modern packaging market is global with an ever increasing complexity. BP Glass stands behind their promise to deliver quality glass, reliability, innovation and the partnership you need to streamline your business. With excellent Quality control procedures and a strong position with our factory partners in Asia we can provide any jar or bottle you may need.


Proprietary glass is our specialty!  Our marketing & engineering staff can assist in your new design, draw, and provide prototype samples of your new bottle or jar.  If your budget is a bit more modest, we can simply add some flair to your current jar by embossing your name or logo.

12oz litehouse bottle Litehouse
12oz Bottle



24oz litehouse ranch jar Litehouse
13oz Jar


litehouse glass jars Litehouse

250ml glass annies oil bottle Annie's Natural
250ml Bottle



100ml glass consorzio bottle Consorzio
1000ml Bottle


glass consorzio bottles Consorzio


120z glass kona coast jar Kona Cost
12oz Jar


16oz mezzetta jar Mezzetta
16oz Jar


12oz mezzetta jar Mezzetta
12oz Jar

160z mezzetta glass jar Mezzetta
16oz Jar


12oz mezzetta glass jar Mezzetta
10oz Jar


8oz glass mezzetta jar Mezzetta
8oz Jar


9oz kona coast mustard jar Kona Cost
9oz Jar


4oz mezzetta jar Mezzetta
4oz Jar


Bottle/Jars - Glass Samples

Our experienced sales and technical staff will guide you through your packaging project. BP Glass will offer support, advice and technical assistance from the start to finish of each order. Whether you need a custom designed jar or utilizing our available jar and bottle stock, we will ensure that your order has optimal functionality and is crystal clear, quality glass.


We can tailor packaging around the needs of your individual project. Traditionally, our glass is packaged on bulk pallets or in corrugated boxes, 6 / 12 pack. If your project requires special packaging, we can certainly modify to suit your needs.

1000ml oil bottle 1000ml
Oil bottle



8oz banjo bottle 8oz
Banjo Bottle


250ml oil bottle 250ml
Oil Bottle

12oz mayo jar 12oz
Mayo Jar



16oz banjo jar 16oz
Banjo Bottle


24oz salsa jar 24oz
Salsa Jar


8oz jar 8oz


8oz quadra jar 8oz
Quadra Jar


10oz cocktail bottle 10oz
Cocktail Bottle

10oz syrup bottle 10oz
Syrup Bottle



16oz salsa jar 16oz
Salsa Jar


12oz sauca bottle 12oz
Sauce Bottle


6oz spice seasoning jar 6oz
Seasoning Jar


12oz ring neck bottle 12oz
Ring Neck Bottle


12oz octangle bottle 12oz
Octangle Bottle


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