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Quality Assurance Guarantee

BP Glass understands how important your package and its functionality are to the products you represent. Because of this, we have implemented our own Quality Control Department to ensure you receive the excellence that you deserve. We provide in-factory quality control oversight on all of BP Glass projects during production and packaging. BP Glass ensures that every order receives 1st inspection, random sampling, and final approval before shipping. Because of our quality control service, BP Glass has built a solid reputation for providing the best quality glass jars and bottles to the food industry. BP Glass has created formal documented Quality Assurance programs and a Standard Operating Procedure. Working together with our Asian partners we can assure you our quality will meet your strict compliance.


The bottom line is that BP GLASS expects nothing but the finest packaging components for our customers and we strive to ensure that this occurs. You can rest assured that our Quality Assurance Department will be there every step of the way to guarantee your end product meets your expectations.


Our success rate is not an accident - it is our standard!




*Minimum production run of 300,000 units.

Why package with glass containers?


- Glass is made from natural and
  abundant raw materials.

- Glass is humidity and heat

- Glass is environmentally safe.

- Glass is a sustainable and
  healthy material.

- With glass, you see what you


- Glass is inert and is compatible
  with virtually all products.

- Glass is impervious to
  permeation of gases and helps
  contain your product.

- Glass is hard.

- Glass is resealable

- Glass is recyclable.


- Glass can be made in a variety
  of colors. Amber glass provides
  UV light protection.

- Glass does not rust.

- Glass can be molded into many
  unique shapes.

-Glass conveys an image of

- Glass can be labeled or
  permanently decorated.




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