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As a division of Basic Power MFG & Engineering, we at BP Glass have set our selves apart from our competitors by providing inexpensive glass from Asia with the quality standards of a domestic manufacturer.
For nearly 15 years, BP Glass has been a leader in providing quality and innovation to the Asian glass manufacturing and packaging industry. From the start, our focus has been on giving our customers exactly what they want. We have the knowledge and expertise to determine which sources can provide the right product at the most competitive price. This is the reason that BP Glass grows with many of the nation’s best, renowned packagers and co-packers of consumer food products.


Engineering & Design

We offer full support services for engineering and design. We can assist in all aspect of design for your proprietary jars.


Glass Manufacturing, Quality Control & Oversight

You will always receive a quality product. BP Glass has an existing quality assurance program and works directly with all of our suppliers to ensure ongoing standards are met. All new packages and mold development projects follow specific formatted guidelines established by the BP Glass quality assurance team.


Distribution & Logistics

With Insured & bonded warehousing and trucking partners all over the US, you can be assured your glass will be stored and delivered with absolute care.


Flint Glass Or Colored Glass

Although clear flint glass is widely used in the food industry, amber and green colors are often used in situations where UV protection is necessary. We can provide glass for all applications.


Embossing You Ask?

BP glass can provide jars with raised embossing of either your brand name or logo. What a great way to set your product apart from your competition.


Packaging Options


Bulk Palletized

6 Pack Corrugated
Kraft or White

Single Black To
Multi-Color Print

12 Pack Corrugated
Kraft or White

Single Black To
Multi-Color Print





*Minimum production run of 300,000 units.


BP Glass - Improving Your Business One Jar At A Time
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